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SCALE TRAINS (FVM Tooling) N Scale GE ES44C4, Florida East Coast/Champion

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

In 2002, GE introduced the “Evolution Series” of locomotives. Better known as GEVO or ES44, this series has become the best-selling line of diesel locomotives of all time with production nearing 8,000 units.

The Scale Trains - FVM model uses numerous variations of cabs, dynamic brakes, doors, grilles, trucks, etc. to get as close as possible to prototype units. FVM locomotives are now available as DCC ESU with LOKSOUND and DCC Ready versions. Preorder Pricing Until 7/11/2022.

DC/DCC Ready Retail: $149.99 Preorder Pricing $119.99

DCC ESU & LOKSOUND Equipped Retail: $274.99 Preorder Pricing $219.99

Available in 6 Road Numbers, Place your Preorder Now!

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